Hull Tigers – they’d be GRRRRRREAT!

An open letter to Hull City fans has attempted to explain the club’s reasons for the need to rebrand the club as Hull Tigers – unfortunately none of them are “because we want to join the NFL”.

Hull Tigers – they’d be GRRRRRREAT!

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March 5th, 2014

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Although David Meyler for one was a man sorely in need of some headgear during City’s defeat to Newcastle United, the proposed name change is one more in line with various North American sports than it is in remaining a sporting tradition.

But a letter published in the Hull Daily Mail written by vice-chairman Ehab Allam has failed to seriously take into consideration the feelings of a vocal majority of fans – some of whom have made their feelings clear by direct contact to the FA.

However, Ehab has succeeded where his father failed, in reaching out through the local media to fully put forward their side of the story and gauge reaction, rather than through the slightly more aggressive measures that Assem Allam previously tried, including the famous “accept the name change tomorrow or we’re gone” persuasion attempt.

“The majority of both new and existing Premier League sponsorship deals are from emerging markets, such as North America, Asia and the Far East. These markets have a natural affinity to the Tigers, which is already a major part of our 100-year heritage.

“This season, we have made significant additions to our squad which has made us competitive on the pitch. We now need to become competitive off the pitch too, by becoming financially self-sufficient.”

Ehab knows that fans understand the need to compete for significant sponsorship deals which would otherwise leave Hull City struggling, but hopefully himself realises the traditions behind such a proud club – one that admittedly has only become successful with his family’s money invested into it.

He goes on, however, to point out that aside from Manchester City, there are five other clubs which contain the C-word in their name that are struggling to stay competitive in the Premier League; no doubt labouring under the same misconceptions we all are that a club’s performance over time is what gives it the prestige rather than the name that’s been slapped on it without a moment’s thought.

If I may be so bold, can I suggest that Hull just changes their kit colour instead? Cardiff City tried that and look where they are now…oh.


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