Harry Redknapp furious after QPR victory against Southampton

It was a triumphant return for Harry Redknapp to St Mary’s, although the 66-year-old was clearly unhappy about a story in the Daily Mirror making false allegations.

Harry Redknapp furious after QPR victory against Southampton

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March 2nd, 2013

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Redknapp saw his QPR team beat Southampton team 2-1 to give themselves a fighting chance of staying in the Premier League, although the Rangers manager is clearly unhappy with an agent who has attempted to leak a story to a leading British tabloid.

The QPR boss feels that someone is trying to destabilise the club after the Mirror ran a story claiming that the Rangers players treated a recent training camp in Dubai as an opportunity to go out drinking all day and night.

“It was a disgusting story in the paper,” Redknapp said. “It was completely full of untruths.

“I took the team away. We arrived at five o’clock in the morning at a hotel in Dubai, trained that morning.

“We trained every morning I was there. We were on the bus at 8.30am for training, we never missed a training session. We were the only club over there that trained every day.

“I let the players have one night out with about four or five other teams out with them that night.

“That was the only night they went out and the next morning they trained. They never missed a session.

“I know where the story come from, I know who done the story and they are trying to make problems for the football club. I know exactly where it has come from.”

Redknapp was in better spirits when talking about his team’s performance at St Mary’s which had the added bonus of dragging Southampton into a scrap.

“They answered all the questions,” Redknapp said of his players. “They worked their socks off today.

“We worked hard last week against Man United. It was just they had a little bit too much for us.

“We couldn’t have worked much harder. We had 14 shots at goal last week and we gave them a game, but they were better than us.

“Today we have come out and worked just as hard again and no-one could have worked harder than the players I took away on the trip.

“That was the hardest I’ve ever worked the football team in Dubai so when I read that [story] it really hurts me because it is completely and utterly fabricated story that has got no substance and no truth to it whatsoever.”

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