Gus Poyet sacked live on air

As if having to find out that his employement contract had been terminated live on British television from a man who calls himself ‘Chappers’ wasn’t bad enough, Gus Poyet must now contend with the wait he faces before he can appeal against the decision.

Gus Poyet sacked live on air

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June 26th, 2013

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The silence emanating from the Amex stadium speaks volumes, as representatives from Brighton & Hove Albion insist that they’re doing everything by the book in an effort to resolve the matter which caused Poyet’s suspension from active managerial duty over a month ago. The ban was reportedly issued after comments he made to local BBC Radio, in which he admitted only to taking an annual period of reflection on one’s career between seasons; comments which, while seemingly innocuous, have given the club equal pause to reflect on Poyet’s standing with the Premier League play-off semi-finalists.

And, following a statement made by the club on Sunday night, word reached the BBC Sport production team during the Confederations Cup game between Nigeria and Spain – after which it was announced live on the air that Poyet was no longer manager of Brighton.

Other internal kerfuffles have meant that Poyet no-showed a disciplinary hearing last week, the deliberations of which led to the decision to release a statement rather than to inform him personally of his change of circumstances – given that Poyet had been ordered to stay away from the Amex stadium, still a little harsh considering he wouldn’t exactly have been checking his mobile for news while on the air.

Chairman Tony Bloom confirmed that the search for an interim manager will start this week until the dispute is resolved, pending an appeal.



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