Gordon Strachan confirmed as next King of Scotland

The Scottish Football Association have taken a little while to get their man, although Gordon Strachan was appointed as manager of the national football team on Tuesday morning.

Gordon Strachan confirmed as next King of Scotland

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January 15th, 2013

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The 55-year-old has been out of work since October 2010 when he stood down as manager of Middlesbrough following a short-lived reign and will now look to restore some pride in the Scottish shirt after a series of poor results.

Strachan has a contract up to Euro 2016 so will essentially get one bite of the cherry to lead Scotland to a major international tournament, although the former Southampton boss is keen to make the supporters happy.

He said: “Every club you go to there’s always challenges but this is the first time the challenges are in front of a nation. If you can be successful you can make a nation happy and make a nation proud and that is the priority for me to be able to do that with help from other people.”

“You’re always interested as long as someone asks you But I think that time is right now because I’ve had that European experience. I’ve had to deal with players and I’ve also had a couple of years where I can look at national football. The time is right for me to be able to take a job like this. I have the experience, I like working with people, I like dealing with people and I like trying to make people better.

“I really want the squad and the staff to give something back to the country and the fans who support us because the fans are probably more famous than the squad now. So what we want to try and do is to give back something and make them turn up for a major finals competition.

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