Coming to a Kop near you?

Has your team scored just 16 goals in 25 games this season, or do they employ the services of Andy Carroll? Is so, then take inspiration from this bunch of German fans.

Coming to a Kop near you?

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March 28th, 2012

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Fed up with their team’s impotence in front of goal, the fans of Magdeburg (of the German fourth tier) decided that it was down to them to give their shot-shy players a quick refresher course on just what they were supposed to be aiming for.

Armed with some giant cardboard arrows, the Madeburg fans made it very clear where the goal was in their game against Berliner AK ’07.

And you’ll be pleased to know that the tactic worked! Magdeburg actually managed to score….. before losing 2-1.

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Posted by Alifer on

we cant complain too much. i was ceitran uefa was gonna smash us with ac and $ity, so got half of it. but our group is more than manageable. ac is tough but their defense isnt too great and they will be worried playing us. we can make zlatans life a bit tough as well which makes me happy

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