Gary Neville slams Manchester United for selling Danny Welbeck

Manchester United sold Welbeck too cheaply according to Neville

Gary Neville slams Manchester United for selling Danny Welbeck

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September 11th, 2014

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Danny Welbeck will make his Arsenal debut on Saturday against Manchester City, with the 23-year-old essentially being frozen out at Old Trafford thanks to the loan arrival of Radamel Falcao.

Welbeck has never had a run of games in the first team for United and hopes that Arsenal will give him plenty of opportunities to demonstrate he can score goals on a regular basis.

Gary Neville certainly believes that the Gunners have landed themselves a bargain and thinks that United have made a mistake by selling Welbeck to one of their main rivals.

“It’s not the way I would expect United to go about their business; I always expected it to be a lot more controlled,” Neville, an England coach, told TalkSport.

“I thought the Danny Welbeck sale was a strange one. I can’t work it out. After all the prices I’ve seen paid this summer and, obviously I’ve been working with him the last week, I’m thinking: ‘How is it just £16m?’

“There’s been right-backs and left-backs galore who have been bought for £15m, £14m, £13m this summer. How have they got him for £16m? I can’t work it out to this day. It really does feel strange that it’s a centre-forward and actually it’s helped out a competitor, someone who will be vying for those third and fourth places with United this season. I’m struggling to understand the logic behind the deal in two or three ways really.

“The fans were asking big questions a month ago and now the Falcao one just tipped them over the edge. Di María was a big signing but the Falcao one came completely out of left field and surprised and shocked everybody.

“How they get Rooney, Di María, RVP [Van Persie], Falcao, Herrera, Januzaj and Mata into that team I don’t know.

“In one sense I am excited because they have signed world-class players. People jumped on the bandwagon last year and said they wouldn’t attract players. But they have a massive commercial operation. They have overpaid, there is no doubt about that, but they have proven people will still go there.

“Now Louis van Gaal has to mould them into the team. He asked for three months but I doubt he expected to see what’s happened at the start of the season. Pre-season probably lulled him into a false sense of security. They have to get the performances right.”

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