FIFA steal Christmas 2014

There is a lot to be upset with FIFA about, but perhaps stealing ‘Christmas’ is taking things a little bit too far.

FIFA steal Christmas 2014

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December 14th, 2012

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This probably needs more explaining, so here we go…

Ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, FIFA has instructed lots of people in suits to go around doing everything that they possibly can to protect their trademarks in the run up to and during the event. It’s the same sort of arrangement that meant that you couldn’t buy a cone of chips whilst within 300 yards of an Olympic gymnast this summer – or something like that.

Anyway, to do this, FIFA needs to claim ownership of various words and phrases including, but not limited to, “2014”, the stadiums, the host cities and all manner of other phrases that could tenuously link to football in some way.

One of those cities is Natal – which also happens to be the Portuguese word for Christmas.

So there’s your warning folks – send a Christmas card to Rio in 2014 and you can expect a visit from the FIFA elves.

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