Liverpool solve striker crisis – with Brighton defenders

If conceding three own goals wasn’t bad enough, it was such an appalling night for Brighton & Hove Albion that even Andy Carroll managed to get on the score sheet.

Liverpool solve striker crisis – with Brighton defenders

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February 20th, 2012

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To concede one own-goal is generally unlucky (even the very best teams have the occasional mishap). To concede two own goals is silly. To concede three own goals is downright ridiculous. To then compound the errors by leaving Andy Carroll unmarked in the box means that Brighton fully deserved to be dumped out of the FA Cup.

Annoyingly, Liverpool look a good bet to go on and win the whole thing, thanks in part to a home quarter final draw (albeit against a tough-to-beat Stoke), and the poor form / lack of credible challengers beyond Tottenham.

Anyway, back to Brighton and a hat-tip to Lewis Dunk, who has come up with an own goal effort to rival Chris Brass and Jamie Pollock.

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