FA Cup gets poked on Facebook

The FA Cup officially gets underway this weekend with the Extra Preliminary round, with the road to Wembley starting on Facebook for the very first time.

FA Cup gets poked on Facebook

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August 17th, 2011

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Now sponsored by an American purveyor of not all that great alcoholic tipple, the FA Cup will break new ground as Wembley FC set foot on the road to Wembley with a trip to Ascot United.

The FATV cameras will be at Ascot’s Racecourse Ground on Friday night, with fans being able to watch all of the action via the Budweiser UK Facebook page.

Fans simply need to tell Facebook that they are over the age of 18, ‘like’ the Budweiser UK page, “grab some Buds”, sit back and enjoy this titanic struggle between teams from the Hellenic Football League Premier Division and the Combined Counties League Premier Division.

Of course, those Premier League fancy-dans don’t have to worry about the FA Cup until January.

“To be involved in the first game of the FA Cup this season is an honour in itself, but to be part of a world first and have our match broadcast to a massive global audience is fantastic for our club,” said the Ascot United chairman, Mike Harrison.

The FA has streamed live FA Cup matches before, mainly following the collapse of Setanta Sports in 2008, through its own website but this is the first time that any football match has been streamed live through Facebook.

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