Ear flicking – Down with this sort of thing

Roy Keane achieved what many men thought was impossible last night – making Adrian Chiles seem (almost) cheery by comparison.

Ear flicking – Down with this sort of thing

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March 7th, 2012

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It was the build-up to Chelsea’s FA Cup replay with Birmingham, with the former Manchester United midfielder wheeled out into the studio to run the rule over the impending clash.

But Roy was not happy, not in the slightest. As the Chelsea players (just days after succeeding in getting their manager sacked with a series of terrible performances) warmed up for the clash, Keane sat there, stony faced, as Chiles tried to inject a modicum of enthusiasm into the event.

But what got Keane so riled? Well, it was the fact that the Chelsea players seemed to take great delight in flicking each other’s ears – you know, like everyone does ahead of a big FA Cup tie.

Roy was not amused. The flicking of ear lobes has no place in the modern game. Breaking the legs and ending the careers of Norwegian midfielders to settle a feud that was several years old and then defending said action in an autobiography is presumably still acceptable, but ear flicking? It’s a disgrace!

“A stupid carry on”, Keane labelled the activity. “It’s so childish it’s crazy,” he added.

“But it has been rife in the game for years!” Chiles doth protest.

“Not when I was playing. All that carry on is ridiculous, it’s so childish,” replied a dead-pan Royston.

“They shouldn’t be smiling; they let the manger (Andre Villas-Boas) down. All that carry on reflects what the mood must be in the camp, it’s an absolute disgrace, they should be focussed on the game.”

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