Everton manager stunned after Southampton sack Nigel Adkins

Nigel Adkins was looking forward to Monday’s clash against Everton until Friday morning when Southampton chairman Nicola Cortese told him that his services were no longer required at St Mary’s.

Everton manager stunned after Southampton sack Nigel Adkins

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January 19th, 2013

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Adkins could have been forgiven for thinking this was a practical joke considering that a win at Villa Park last weekend was followed up with an unlikely point at Stamford Bridge, with David Moyes admitting that the decision to sack his opposite number was a surprise.

Moyes said: “I’m very surprised.

“I was talking to my staff during the week and complimenting how well Nigel Adkins had done. It was always going to be difficult after two promotions. Anybody who does that coming up, it’s a long way up.

“He’d just got himself out of the bottom three and moved up and I don’t think there would have been many people looking at Nigel Adkins to be sacked in that position.”

Moyes has been in charge at Everton for over ten years and is enjoying another successful season at Goodison Park, with the Toffees boss admitting he’s been fortunate to enjoy his position for such a length of time.

The Scot said: “I don’t know if we are scratching our heads any more, and that’s probably the football world we’re in. I’m not saying it’s the right one, and I’m not just willing to brush it aside. But that’s the way it looks just now.

“If you look at the clubs who have kept their managers for longer periods, I think that’s tended to work better than continually changing managers.

“I do think I’m really fortunate because of the board I work for and the chairman I work for. At times they’ve had to show patience with me but I hope in the end people will look at it and say it’s the right thing to do.

“I think stability brings a lot of good things. You have players who have been there for a while and you keep those players, it’s not a constant change.

“And the money it costs to continually get rid of your managers and bring in new managers, you’ve got to be a pretty wealthy club if you’re going to do that.”

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