Twitter outrage over Drogba’s terrible acting

Fair play to Chelsea, they got their tactics spot on against Barcelona in last night’s Champions League semi-final, even if Didier Drogba has forgotten how to use his legs.

Twitter outrage over Drogba’s terrible acting

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April 19th, 2012

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Cheslea had very little ball in their first leg clash – just 20% in fact, but they stuck to their game plan perfectly. Let Barcelona have the ball where they can’t cause any damage and close down the key players when they get into areas when they can cause damage. It’s the sort of game plan that could never have been devised by a guy who was sacked by West Bromwich Albion – that’s the sort of thing that only a manager that you paid £13m for could come up with.

Unfortunately, it seems that in the midst of it all, Didier Drogba’s legs lost the ability to resist the natural force of gravity, as he spent around 89:59 of the 90 minutes lying on the floor. In the other one second, he scored the winning goal.

Drogba’s antics were, in fact, so laughable, that even his fellow professionals and ex-pros took to the lazy journalism tool known as Twitter to provide comment that would then be seized upon by lazy journalists.

“Cole too was terrific, and Drogba not only scored but stayed on his feet for the entirety of his post match interview,” said Gary Lineker, whilst former Norwegian international Jan Aage Fjortoft piped up: “Is there any chance that Drogba stop doing what he is doing? Embarrasing Good player- hopeless actor,” before later adding today: “Drogba showed us yesterday that he is a man for the BIG games He also showed us he is a man for the SMALL films”.

However, the award for best diving critique and the best use of obscure computer characters goes to Blackburn’s Yakubu Aiyegbeni, who tweeted: “Can you spot Didier Drogba? o-|-< 웃웃

Now hands up – how many of you know how to access those characters on your keyboard?

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