Terry denies that he calls the shots

Chelsea will bow out of the Champions League tonight against Napoli, and John Terry has spent the day trying to convince lots of people who don’t believe him that senior players had nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with the sacking of Andres Villas Boas.

Terry denies that he calls the shots

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March 14th, 2012

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Instead of chest-thumping and using words like “brave”, “battling” and “commitment” ahead of Chelsea’s Champions League exit, England’s Brave John Terry has instead scoffed at the suggestion that acts of petulance by senior players who weren’t picked because they weren’t good enough, or players getting into arguments with other players that are so bad, policemen had to come round, led to AVB getting the boot. Oh no siree.

“We win and lose together at this club – we’re all responsible for the results we have,” said Terry, ignoring that, of course, some people lose significantly more than he does.

“As for the senior players running this football club, that’s nonsense,” he added. “That’s just the perception from outside. Roman [Abramovich] and the board make the decisions.

“People speculating from various different clubs or previous managers, that’s complete nonsense.”

Anyway, all of that will no doubt deflect any attention away from Roberto Di Matteo, who won’t carry any of the blame at full-time tonight. Juan Mata and Daniel Sturridge will return for Chelsea tonight and those sat in Row K of the Shed’s upper tier can remove their hard hats, because Fernando Torres is likely to be parked on the bench, out of harm’s way.

“We will have to be balanced, obviously, because their threat on counter-attacking is very good and they have some players that can hurt you,” said Chelsea gaffer Di Matteo.

“When they come here on Wednesday, they will play against a good team, a great team, and we will make their life difficult. We have to believe that we can turn this around.”

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