ITV Strikes Again

Just why is ITV allowed to broadcast live football? If their continued employment of Clive Tyldesley wasn’t already enough to hate them for, they last night went and completed a hat-trick of transmission gaffes.

ITV Strikes Again

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April 26th, 2012

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As last night’s Champions League semi-final went into extra time, ITV inexplicably decided to cut to a shot of a perplexed news reader fiddling with his suit and standing in front of a picture of David Cameron’s gloomy recession face. Apparently, that’s what football supporters actually want to see.

It completes a hat-trick of “break in transmission gaffes” by ITV, with their rap sheet before including such stupidity as showing a Tic-Tacs advert instead of Dan Gosling’s winner for Everton in an FA Cup tie against Liverpool, and cutting from Steven Gerrard’s goal for England against USA at the 2010 World Cup in favour of a Hyundai advert.

We can actually add even more to ITV’s charge sheet.

  • – Adrian Chiles
  • – Failing to stop a pitch-side mic being stolen by some foul-mouthed Leeds fans
  • – Showing a bit too much of some Histon players in their dressing room
  • – Clive Tyldesley
  • – Nearly bankrupting several Football League clubs with a stupid digital TV venture
  • – Jim Beglin
  • – David Pleat

Looking at that, you have to ask the question – why is ITV still allowed to show football at any level higher than the Northern Counties Division One?

An ITV dogsbody insincerely apologised, claiming: “A technical fault during the first period of extra-time in the Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich resulted in a brief break in transmission for some HD viewers in the south-east of England. We would like to apologise.”

We believe a more suitable statement should have read: “Sorry folks, we messed it up again but to be honest, that’s because we haven’t got a flaming clue. I suppose it’s not surprising when you consider that most of us regard The Jeremy Kyle show to be cutting edge television. I mean, we even think that Roy Keane is capable of intelligent footballing insight, lol!

“We’d love to say that we’ll learn the lesson from this but given that we’ve clearly not learnt how not to be so blazingly stupid from the last time this happened, or the time before that, we can’t promise anything. Oh, and don’t forget to tune in to Britain’s Got Talent this weekend. Saturday’s episode has a cat that can recite Shakespeare whilst performing a trapeze act! It’s gonna be megalolz!”

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