Glossing over City’s Euro Exit

It has been easy to forget that there are some pretty big Champions League clashes this week – especially now that Manchester City to warm-up for their Europa League campaign.

Glossing over City’s Euro Exit

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December 7th, 2011

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As the British press rants and raves about Luis Suárez showing his middle digit to the most inoffensive bunch of supporters in the Premier League, and as Kenny Daglish shows that his memory is going in his old age by suggesting that the Uruguayan striker, with a history of deviant play, is not a Uruguayan striker with a history of deviant play, the fact that two Manchester clubs could (even though just one of them will) fall out of the Champions League tonight has been somewhat ignored.

City look set to bow out tonight as they need to beat Bayern Munich at Eastlands and hope that Villarreal upset the odds and win against Napoli.

And we’re going to nip any suggestion of City performing a miracle by saying that you should have the 15/16 on offer on Napoli to beat their Spanish opponents tonight.

Napoli can’t take the game lightly in case City do get a result against Bayern, but their opponents are taking the match lightly it would seem, if Villarreal coach Juan Carlos Garrido’s comments are anything to go by.

“We are in a recovery phase,” he admitted, “so we have to give some players a few minutes playing time to introduce them gradually into the team.

“We will field the players who are the ones who can last for 90 minutes.

“We will use this match to restore our players’ confidence, and obviously to get strength for the rest of the season.”

We’re translating that as “we have more important things to worry about” and “we’ll be resting players for those more important things”, so jump on Napoli tonight.

With nothing to play for and at least something approaching a second-string side out, Villarreal have to be opposed and we’ll do so by backing their opponents at 4/5.

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