Drogba mocks Benfica draw, Benfica unhappy

Didier Drogba has got himself in a bit of trouble with the manager of Benfica, after appearing to think that a Champions League draw against the Portuguese side isn’t something to be particularly fearful of.

Drogba mocks Benfica draw, Benfica unhappy

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March 27th, 2012

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Drogba, who is more than adept at feigning emotions, was captured by cameras for Chelsea’s public relations distribution network in-house television channel feigning fear as Benfica’s name was drawn out of the hat for the Champions League quarter finals.

In a move that is a complete and utter surprise to anyone who has ever had anything to do with watching football, Benfica manager Jorge Jesus, is not happy about it and has pledged to react to the apparent jibe.

Whilst Jesus accepted the forward was “probably just joking”, he said: “Drogba only knows what he’s thinking.

“Any responses we’ll be giving to Drogba will be on the field and proving we are better than him.”

Chelsea insist the matter is “a complete misunderstanding” – possibly on the basis that Drogba completely misunderstood that he was being filmed by Chelsea TV.

Indeed, teammate David Luiz has attempted and failed to find an amicable explanation, claiming that Drogba’s reaction was more to do with the prospect of playing Barcelona in the semi-finals. Of course, nobody has explained to Luiz that thinking about the semi-finals, when you still have to face a side that has knocked out another English team that is much, much better than Chelsea, is not actually any less disrespectful.

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