Unbelievable Jeff! Kammy sings official England track

England football songs – they’re all pretty terrible (well, apart from the original Three Lions and World in Motion), and 2012 is no exception.

Unbelievable Jeff! Kammy sings official England track

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May 23rd, 2012

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Of course, anybody who is anybody in the C-list celebrity, X-Factor reject and ex-professional footballer world has locked themselves in the recording studio and now, little more than a month before Euro 2012 kicks off, we’re seeing the result.

Obviously, not every track can get the official seal of approval from the suits at the Football Association and, after no doubt listening to some of the contenders on the Soho Square gramophone, they’ve made their decision.
So, which superstar from the world of music has earned the prestigious honour of ‘Official England song’? One of the delightful chaps from Oasis perhaps (after all, they’ve enjoyed a pretty good season)? Maybe Take That? They’re good at this pop music lark.

Nope, it’s Chris Kamara.

That’s right. England’s cheerleader is the former Leeds United, Bradford City and Brentford midfielder who spends his Saturday afternoons shouting frantically at Jeff Stelling.

In Kammy’s defence, the cash does go to Marie Curie Cancer Care, so we’ll forgive him this time.
We’d say “enjoy” but…. Well…. you know….

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Posted by chelslad on

i actually really like it ,got a catchy hook and made me feel quite patriotic! come on England ,not bad kammy lad!

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