This week’s “Best Free Kick in the World Ever”

If you were to search on Youtube for the phrase “greatest free-kick ever”, you’d end up with various videos of free-kicks from around the world, many of which aren’t actually that great. Well, step forward the next contender; Slovenia’s Dare Vršič.

This week’s “Best Free Kick in the World Ever”

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October 13th, 2011

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In a relatively meaningless tie between Slovenia and Serbia in Maribor, given that the group has already been settled, 27-year-old Vršič of NK Olimpija Ljubljana secured his place as Youtube legend with this stunning 40-yard free-kick.
We’re not quite sure how Vršič gets the ball to dip so much at the last minute, but we’ve been practising in the car park with very little success so far.

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