We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful

Cristiano Ronaldo is doing his best to smooth the relationship between himself and football supporters across the world, by apparently stumbling on the reason why football supporters across the world seem to hate him.

We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful

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September 16th, 2011

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Is it the persistent diving? Oh no. Is it the winking? Of course not. Perhaps it is constant complaining about a lack of protection from officials? Not at all, says Cristiano.

The reason, he believes, is far simpler. Apparently, we don’t like Cristiano because he is “rich, handsome and a great player”. Yes Ronaldo, that’s exactly it.

Speaking after Real’s victory over Dinamo Zagreb on Wednesday night, Ronaldo said that the reason why the Croatian fans were booing him was down to simple jealousy – after all, what else could it be?

“I think that because I am rich, handsome and a great player people are envious of me. I don’t have any other explanation,” he claimed.

The claim was preceded by another rant about officials not allowing a 20 yard exclusion zone around him, with the former Manchester United player once again moaning about a lack of protection from the man with the whistle.

“We are very happy with three points we took, but I’m not so satisfied with the refereeing,” he told reporters. “I hope we never have this referee again. People talk of fair-play, of protecting good players, but I never get any of that. I don’t understand a thing.

“I’m sad because I hear referees saying they will protect skilful players, but while some are untouchable it seems I can be mauled.”

So there you have it fans. The reason why you don’t like Ronaldo is because he is richer than you, better at football than you and better looking than you. After all, why else would you hate him?

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