Messi breaks Barca record – and here are all 234 of them

It was a landmark day for Lionel Messi, who last night broke Cesar Rodriguez's 57-year-old Barcelona record of 232 goals for the Catalan giants.

Messi breaks Barca record – and here are all 234 of them

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March 21st, 2012

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Messi, 24 (yes, that’s right, 24) went on to score his 233rd and 234th goal for Barcelona in their 5-3 victory over Granada. The landmark has been helped somewhat by a mere 54 goals and eight hat-tricks so far this season – and it’s only March.

And here, you can see every single one of those goals, right from his first against Albacete back in 2005.

“We are before the best player in absolutely every facet,” said Barcelona coach Pep Guardiol, who compared Messi to the basketball great, Michael Jordan. “He is capable of everything that a football player must do and he does it every three days. I am sorry for those who want to dethrone him, but he is simply different from all the rest. Messi has entered the history of the club at just 24 years of age. If he continues like this in the coming years, he will score so many goals that he will never be surpassed.”

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