Roy Hodgson not fazed by Fabio Capello England comparisons

The general consensus among England supporters is that Roy Hodgson is a better manager for the national team than Fabio Capello, something that the players also seem to think considering the former can make himself understood.

Roy Hodgson not fazed by Fabio Capello England comparisons

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June 22nd, 2012

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It also appears that Hodgson is getting the best out of this side, although Italy midfielder Daniele De Rossi claimed on Thursday that the Azzurri would have more to fear if Capello was still in charge of England.

Not that the Three Lions manager is bothered by comments such as these and he is now focusing on the task of beating Italy in the quarter finals.

“I am sure people will compare me with Capello because this is the team he qualified for this tournament,” said Hodgson.

“I am sure he must still be disappointed not to be here coaching this team himself.

“But it will only become a hindrance if we allow it.

“Obviously there will be lots of things written that are not 100% truthful or that I wouldn’t want to read or hear, but that’s life.

“That won’t stop me from preparing the team.

“There are no words that can affect my job with the team.”

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