Plugging bookies with pants – almost five times worse than racism

UEFA today confirmed that shamelessly plugging an Irish bookmaker through the medium of underpants is now much, much more serious than failing to address cultural problems with racism, after handing Nicklas Bendtner a £80,000 fine.

Plugging bookies with pants – almost five times worse than racism

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June 18th, 2012

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The Danish striker earned himself the fine and a one-match ban after he revealed some branded undies in celebration at scoring against Portugal. Not only were the Danish FA a bit ticked off, what with them already having deals with a Danish bookie, but UEFA were very much displeased at the idea of Paddy Power getting a plug. The notion of anyone trading off the back of the Euros without cutting them a big cheque just will not do.

To put the fine into context, the £80,000 hit for Bendtner makes his crime 4.79 times more serious than racially abusing Mario Balotelli, given that Porto were only fined £16,700 for that particular misdemeanour (the most recent fine for racism handed out by UEFA).

Bendtner has three days in which to appeal the decision, otherwise, he’ll have to resign himself to sitting out Denmark’s first World Cup qualifying game against the Czech Republic.

After the Portugal game on 13 June, the Arsenal striker said: “It is just a pair of lucky boxer shorts that I used in the first game as well and have used before the tournament.

“I didn’t know I was breaking any rules but I am aware of that now.”

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