“You’re not fit to wear the shirt!”

“You’re not fit to wear the shirt!”: It’s a common chant at football grounds around the UK and indeed the world. If you’re on the receiving end of it in Italy however, it’s particularly bad.

“You’re not fit to wear the shirt!”

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April 23rd, 2012

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Genoa fans were, unsurprisingly, not very impressed when their side went 4-0 down at home to Siena at the weekend and a section of their fans demonstrated their displeasure by hurling fireworks onto the pitch.

Once play had been stopped, Genoa skipper Marco Rossi attempted to negotiate with fans, who promptly told him that he and his teammates were not fit to wear the Genoa shirt.

Actually, they went one step further. They demanded that Rossi and the rest of the team handed over their shirts. Amazingly, 10 of the players obliged. Only striker Giuseppe Sculli refused. He said he was giving his all for the cause.

Eventually the shirts were returned and the re-clothed Genoa players managed to pull a goal back, with the match ending 1-4.

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