England through, although goal-line technology demands suspiciously absent

Something quite unusual has happened. This morning, the day after another ‘goal-line’ incident, we expected to pick up the morning’s papers, scour the web and rummage through Twitter to find page after page of English football managers calling for goal-line technology.

England through, although goal-line technology demands suspiciously absent

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June 20th, 2012

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But alas, we have found none. We can’t understand why, given that there was a clear case of a goal not being awarded when it should have been, but there you go.

Oh, hang on… it was England who benefitted from the ineptitude of the goal-line official. In that case, who needs micro-chipped balls and Hawkeye?

Well, Mr Sepp Blatter, the man who for years has said that goal-line technology isn’t needed, has now decided that, after last night, goal-line technology is a “necessity”.

Last night prompted many questions about the officials at Euro 2012. Why didn’t the linesman pick up a clear offside? Just what does the goal-line official actually do?

We’ve cropped the goal-line official out of our image but take our word for it when we say he’s straddling the goal line, about five or six yards away. You can clearly see daylight between the ball and the line, so it’s a pretty clear-cut decision. That said, the off-side in the build-up was also a clear-cut decision, so let’s not pin the blame entirely on that chap.

For England, Wayne Rooney’s header means that the tournament goes on and they’ll now have the chance to bore Italy in a quarter final in Kiev. Of course, a certain Adrian Chiles was absolutely thrilled that England avoided Spain, a side they beat in November, but neglected to mention that we haven’t beaten Italy in our last three attempts (although granted, the last game was in March 2002).

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