And so endeth the world’s most tedious transfer saga

Cesc Fabregas will this week do what we expected him to do all along and sign on the dotted line for Barcelona, ending one of the most tedious transfer sagas in history.

And so endeth the world’s most tedious transfer saga

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August 11th, 2011

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Cesc has made no secret of the fact that he wants to play for Barcelona and Barcelona have made no secret of the fact that they would like to sign Cesc but nevertheless, this transfer saga has gone on for the best part of 13 months, becoming more and more irritating as it has gone on.

But is it the most irritating transfer saga of the summer, or even ever? We say yes but, in the interests of fairness and objectivity, we’ve picked out another four from this summer alone that could at least rival it.

Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona

Neither Arsenal, Barcelona or Cesc have covered themselves in glory throughout this protracted transfer saga. The constant statements coming from the Nou Camp about how they would absolutely love to Cesc on their roster have clearly had an unsettling effect.

For Fabregas, his constant and public fraternising with Barcelona players over the past few years, most notably at Spanish F1 events and the Spanish World Cup celebrations when he was spotted wearing ‘blaugrana’, hasn’t helped endear himself to the Arsenal faithful.

As for Arsenal? Well, the vision that they sold to him in 2006 to get him to sign a contract until 2014 probably wasn’t one of letting star players leave, replacing them with bargain buys, finishing fourth in the table and facing a very real prospect of not qualifying for the Champions League.

His £35m move can’t be completed soon enough.

Charlie Adam to Liverpool

This move started back in January, when Adam burst onto the Premier League scene with tiny little Blackpool. The Scottish midfielder, bought by the Tangerines for a seemingly paltry £500,000, was the undoubted star of Blackpool’s brave battle against relegation and naturally, that meant big clubs came a-knocking.

Blackpool manager Ian Holloway stood defiant. Little Blackpool would not be bullied into accepting some paltry figure of £4.5m. Adam handed in a transfer request shortly after and, on transfer deadline day, the Sky Sports News reporters were eagerly reporting back on the very little that appeared to be happening.

Adam stayed, Blackpool went down and Liverpool got their man for £9m.

Carlos Tevez to somewhere slightly closer to Buenos Aires

We have some sympathy for Carlos. He’s homesick, he misses his family and he wants to move back to South America – no shame in that. It also wasn’t his fault that a move to Corinthans fell through.

However, it now seems that Carlos Tevez’s quest to move closer to Argentina isn’t going to get him that much closer to his homeland. Speculation soon linked him with a move to Inter Milan, which is not much closer to Buenos Aires at all. In fact, we calculate the distance between Milan and the Argentinean capital to be 6,953.144 miles. The distance between Buenos Aries and Manchester? Also 6,953.144 miles.

Anyone to Arsenal

We’re back to the Emirates now but this time, it’s because of transfers that probably won’t happen, rather than transfers that inevitably will.

Arsene Wenger, for all of his talents, isn’t the sort of person that who you’d want in your drinking round. He just hates splashing the cash.

Day after day, we hear reports of players being linked to the Emirates, only for the Gunners to look shocked when their derisory offer is turned down. Wenger then goes off in a huff and the result is another weak looking squad at Arsenal. After refusing to cough up a reported additional £500,000 for Mark Schwarzer last season, he has refused to up his offer for Everton’s Phil Jagielka this time around. We’re also expecting similar with Gary Cahill and Scott Dann.

David Goodwillie to Blackburn

We aren’t using this as an excuse to immaturely write “Goodwillie” but the troubled Dundee striker didn’t find that everything ran smoothly in his switch to Blackburn.

Whilst Goodwillie was having his medical at Blackburn, Rangers tried to scupper the deal with a good, albeit very late, offer for the Scotland U21 striker. Some procrastination followed but, despite the “absolutely crazy” bid, Goodwillie finally joined Blackburn in a deal worth £2m, with potentially more than £800,000 in add-ons.


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