England manager claims talk is cheap ahead of Wales clash

Roy Hodgson demands his players aren’t distracted by Gareth Bale’s comments ahead of England v Wales showdown

England manager claims talk is cheap ahead of Wales clash

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June 16th, 2016

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On Thursday, England will play their second Group B encounter hoping to build on Saturday’s 1-1 draw which saw them play reasonably well for the ninety minutes.

The Three Lions are strong favourites to beat Wales and Roy Hodgson wants total focus from his players rather than allow themselves to be distracted by the comments coming from the Welsh camp.

Gareth Bale has been especially outspoken, with the forward claiming that England don’t have the same team spirit of Wales, while he’s also said that none of the England players would get in the Welsh team.

However, Hodgson said that England’s players should be ashamed of getting distracted by such comments and hopes to get a focused performance from his charges.

“Talk is talk, action on the field is action on the field,” Hodgson said. “If we – myself and my players – really took it seriously, thinking about what people in the other team are saying ahead of a game, and allowed it to affect our concentration, then we’d all be very ashamed of ourselves.

“We’re perfectly satisfied with the passion we bring to our game and we don’t doubt our desire, our commitment or our wish to do well in the tournament. If others think they’re better at it, fine by me. I’ve not heard anyone in the squad making reference to any comments that have been made.

“Whenever you play a game you will be classed as underdog or favourite but it really doesn’t make a ha’p’orth of difference when that whistle blows. We know what we’ve got to do. We think we will be ready to do it. The reality of football rests on that patch of green between 90 and 95 minutes.”

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