England Hopes All But Over – what have we learned?

It was the result we had dreaded - caused by the man that we had feared.

England Hopes All But Over – what have we learned?

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June 20th, 2014

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England lost 2-1 to Uruguay on Thursday night in a match that was separated by the brilliance of Luis Suarez. One of the villains of world football struck twice to put England’s chances of making it through the group out of their hands. It left England fans with a bitter taste in their mouths -a taste that has become so common at international level that it’s almost second nature to watch games with one eye closed.

England weren’t horrendously bad but they weren’t good either. They were average. The performance against Italy was much more positive and heart-filled. Against Uruguay we made mistakes and  were punished for them. We also lost every second ball and, at times, our defence were hanging on. The start was slow against a team that, on paper, we should have beaten. Looking at the two teams on paper has you scratching your head. It was disappointing and so typical of England as a football team that I was not at all in shock. I was disappointed, but never shocked.

So what have we learned? I believe nothing of real value. We’ve learned that we simply aren’t good enough at international level. When looking back we’ll say that our World Cup was all but over in the space of a week! We have a great deal of promise in our ranks with people like Barkley and Sterling putting in decent performances, but overall I think the onus needs to be on developing players from a young age to play a certain way. In simple terms; we need better players. Along with this comes the need for luck. We need to be lucky in terms of future stars being born at the same time so that they can grow into a truly great international side.

There was no real pressure on this group of players, as no one expected a team so young to really go and bring the World Cup home, but we did hope to see some fearlessness. We were excited by the prospect of youth, but still… are our young players better than anyone else’s? Only time will tell. What needs to be remembered is that it’s tremendously hard to win a World Cup but for England not to get out of the group is disappointing. Although it’s not over, we need a miracle.Not just an Italy win but an actual miracle in where they destroy Costa Rica, Uruguay and then, of course, we beat Costa Rica by a few goals. If the miracle came true it would be great to see if we could start really performing and have a crack at the knockouts. Right now I can only see future defeats at the hands of the Dutch or the Germans, but I’d love more than anything to be proved wrong. I believe we need some luck, and that the future lies in better development at grass roots level. What was it that Tony Blair said? Education, education, education!

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England players are over rated dont play their heart out as other players around the world do. The english fans are the best fans around the world who will never see england win the world cup in the next 60 years for sure. The problem lies players such as rooney shouldnt be picked unless they have performed well within their clubs. Roy hodgson hasnt a clue, too nice should stay home touching up his lawn or even better join a pensioners group. I suggest its time the fans managed the team having too many bogus superstars makes it hard for managers not to pick the best teams. The fans should pick the best eleven to play this way the players know regardless of their salaries you onky wear an england shirt if you deserve to wear it. None of this wayne rooney lark. Gabbie logan said if wayne rooney scored people wouldnt be asking why he wadnt dropped. She missed the point when she made that remark rooney hadnt scored and the goal he scored earlier this week he celebrated it as if it was worth 300k. Lol the besf thing with rooney is his hair implant has worked but the aero dynamics has had a neggative effect on his play. The rest of the team are a bunch of chums amongst all eleven yes you may create one superstar but my question is do they have the heart of the lion and are worthy of wearing the shirt. What have we learnt year on year …? Nothing
, just not good enough and living a false hope fooling the fans who have travelled. England should select a ream of 33 players and have these seven individuals playing together on a monthly basis. If we dont qualify past the group stages the players shouldnt be paid. Think of the thousand of fans who travel the world is that fair to watch a poor game. Dont get me wrong we can lose but need to show we have done our utmost.

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