Di Canio ain’t misbehavin’

Sunderland’s Phil Bardsley may be a few quid up from his antics at a casino on Tuesday night – but if indiscipline continues at the Stadium of Light, it’s his manager who will be splashing the cash on replacing the worst offenders.

Di Canio ain’t misbehavin’

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May 20th, 2013

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After a tabloid newspaper published a photograph this week of Bardsley sprawled on the floor of a casino, outlined by £50 notes, Di Canio left him and co-casino goer Matthew Kilgallon out of the final side of the season, which lost 1-0 at Spurs.

Di Canio has really brought the hammer down in recent weeks; fining seven players in the space of a week for different breaches of conduct, while threatening to withhold holiday allowance from the squad as a whole – touting “the minimum” four-week break rather than the more typical five or six between season programmes – if they did not make the best representation of themselves during that final game.

Now Di Canio has advanced his difference of opinions with some members of the playing squad by insisting that some of them will not find themselves a part of his Sunderland squad next season – although not naming names, it seems that hitting the sauce features heavily in Di Canio’s Don’ts.

“It was disgusting. These people can’t train with me…How can I play a player that probably is blurry for three, four days after what’s happened?” he asked.

With their final-day defeat leaving them just three points off the drop, Di Canio expects that a lot will change for next season.

“Obviously if we want to have a different future in terms of results we need to bring in good players but with a professional ethic.”

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