David Luiz waiting for Sergio Aguero apology

Manchester City are through to the FA Cup final, although Sergio Aguero might face retrospective action after the Argentine appeared to lunge at David Luiz.

David Luiz waiting for Sergio Aguero apology

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April 15th, 2013

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Aguero scored City’s second of the match although with the scoreline at 2-1, the striker appeared to dive two-footed towards the Brazilian defender, although the incident wasn’t spotted by the referee.

Chris Foy did award Chelsea a free-kick at the time, although it appears this might have been for an earlier infringement, with the arbiter set to file a report on Monday which could find Aguero culpable.

Luiz was clearly not happy after the match and hopes that the forward sees sense and apologises for the challenge, with a potential three-match ban looming for Aguero.

David Luiz said: “Many people say to me about this tackle. I didn’t see it because it was in the back of me. I cannot speak about that. I felt it a little bit. Agüero is a great player and I think he needs to be honest with himself and say: ‘I don’t like to do bad tackles, I don’t like to do that.’

“I forgive everyone in my life. People are happy when Agüero is scoring goals, doing things in the game. Many people have said to me: ‘Sorry this is not me and not good for the football.’ Many kids see the game, watch the game and want to see good things and not bad things.”

Asked whether he would apologise if it was the other way round, the Brazilian said: “Of course, I would apologise to everyone. I want just to show people good things – football is beautiful when you play games like that. Both teams tried to win, both created opportunities and tried good things. Sometimes in the games people have five seconds, be angry and do things you don’t like to do. I think that. I never saw Agüero do bad tackles on other players. I think it was five-second angry and I forgive him.”

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