Danny Mills is Cooking Brilliant

Former Man City and England defender Danny Mills is said to be interested in reviving the fortunes of a fading superpower – no, not Leeds United.

Danny Mills is Cooking Brilliant

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April 1st, 2014

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Amid all the scandals and tidbits which came unravelled on this special day of Fools, we were alarmed to discover that one such bite of news is, in fact, true.

Danny Mills – he of Man City, Leeds and Masterchef – is reportedly heading up a local consortium of businessmen interested in pulling off a big takeover.

Unfortunately for the Leeds fans whose club is stuck between the rock of Cellino’s conviction and the hard place that is a lack of funds, it isn’t the West Yorkshire club in whom the England right-back is looking to invest – in fact you may be surprised to learn it isn’t a football club at all.

According to The Daily Mail, Mills is clubbing together with some rich business pals to discuss a purchase of the struggling West Cornwall Pasty Company.

The company has reportedly overreached its plans for expansion and is now unable to make rent on its 45 shop locations – placing the company founded in 1998 in jeopardy.

The West Cornwall Pasty Company was sold to its current owners in 2007 for a figure believed to be between £30 and £40 million, sums which may well add up nicely for Mills and mates as they enter discussions of a potential sale.

Mills’ culinary prowess is not in doubt – in 2012 he was runner-up on Celebrity Masterchef, losing a blistering final to actress Emma Kennedy; presenter Michael Underwood was the third finalist in a week-long final on BBC One. What’s more interesting is that, rather than serving up the sort of grub which landed him the spot in that final, he’s looking down a somewhat more casual avenue in which to begin a food empire.

Nowadays Mills is a regular contributor on BBC Sport, providing co-commentary for matches, while he also has a role in the new task force set up to improve the England squad set-up alongside former Leeds manager Howard Wilkinson.

We look forward to hearing the outcome of this bid – and I’ll let you know when I think of some more brilliant Mills/pasty puns. In the meantime, send us your favourites on Facebook!

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