Cristiano Ronaldo set to miss Portugal friendly against England

Ronaldo misses Portugal warm-up game for Euro 2016 although Real Madrid star will be fit for the tournament

Cristiano Ronaldo set to miss Portugal friendly against England

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May 31st, 2016

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England and Portugal clash on Thursday evening, with both sides putting the finishing touches to their preparation for Euro 2016 although the Wembley crowd won’t be able to see Cristiano Ronaldo in action.

The former Manchester United forward played 120 minutes of the Champions League final before scoring the winning penalty for Real Madrid, with Ronaldo now taking a rest before leading his country into battle at the European Championships.

The player admits he needs to take a breather after a long season, with Ronaldo saving his legs for Group F clashes against Iceland, Hungary and Austria.

Asked if he would be playing against England, he said: “No, come on! Let me rest my legs. Now is the time to rest and enjoy this moment. I [then] have six days to be prepared to play a good competition [at Euro 2016].

“[I am] very tired. I have [played] more than 4,000 minutes this season. I was the No1 in the team again for most minutes [played]. That means a lot to me: it means I am still good. I still feel good physically, mentally. If you ask me if I feel tired tonight, of course. [I have] a lot of minutes in the legs but I am still there; I am always there.

“I showed the team I am there for the good moments and the bad moments. This is what makes me feel proud.

“The break, 15 days, is a lot. I hope next year, or the coming years, they [hold the Champions League final] closer to the end of the league season,” he said. “Fifteen days to prepare for the Champions League at the end of the season is a lot. As you see on the pitch, everybody was tired and feel cramp in the legs – and it was very hot.

“I have scored more than 50 goals [every season] for seven years but I am always asking for more,” Ronaldo added, holding his hand up near his head. “I am always at the top level, up here. I still feel good. I still feel fresh – not tonight – and I want to carry on like that. I feel good and I love to play for Real Madrid. I want to carry on.”

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