Cristiano Ronaldo expecting tough clash against Manchester United

Ronaldo in the spotlight ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League clash at Old Trafford

Cristiano Ronaldo expecting tough clash against Manchester United

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October 23rd, 2018

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Cristiano Ronaldo will be the star attraction on Tuesday night when the forward steps out at Old Trafford, a ground where he spent the formative years of what has become a sparkling career.

Ronaldo now represents a Juventus side who are among the favourites to win this season’s Champions League, although the player is currently facing rape allegations that were made against him several years ago.

However, the Juve forward claims he’s still a happy man right now and believes that the truth will emerge when the case comes to pass, with the player focused on the task in hand against the Red Devils.

Ronaldo said: “I know I am an example. I know, 100%. On the pitch and outside the pitch. So I am always smiling, I am happy man, I’m blessed that I play in a fantastic club. I have a fantastic family, I have four kids, I am healthy. I have everything. So the rest, it doesn’t interfere on me. I’m very, very well.

“I am a happy man. We did the statement two weeks ago, if I’m not wrong. I am glad [about how it progresses]. Of course, I’m not going to lie in this situation, I’m very happy. My lawyers, they are confident and of course I am, too. The most important is I enjoy the football, I enjoy my life. The rest, I have people who take care of my life. Of course, the truth is always coming in the first position [eventually]. So, I’m good.”

About the match he said: “The Champions League started two games ago, even if I’m returning now, it doesn’t matter that I was sent off and then didn’t play. We are in a great position and a win tomorrow will go a long way.

“It’s going to be a tough match,” Ronaldo said. “Manchester United are strong but, if we play the way the coach wants, we have a good chance to win the game. However, we can’t underestimate our opponents.

“Manchester – they are good team, and they play at home, so it will be tough for us. We have our weapons. We are Juve, we know it will be tough but I think we have chance. If we play in a good way, the way the coach wants, we have a good chance to win. We have to respect Manchester United – they are a fantastic team, with an experienced coach, but I expect and look forward that Juve will win the game.”

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