Cristiano Ronaldo acts like a spoilt brat after Iceland hold Portugal

Iceland land a 1-1 draw which prompts “small team” accusations from Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo acts like a spoilt brat after Iceland hold Portugal

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June 15th, 2016

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Iceland made their first ever appearance at a major tournament on Tuesday night, with Lars Lagerback’s side coming from a goal down to land a point against a Portugal team who produced a mediocre display.

Cristiano Ronaldo cut a frustrated figure at the final whistle, with the Real Madrid star unable to make much of an impact against his team’s opponents and it prompted some sour grapes from the leading player.

“Iceland didn’t try anything,” said the Portuguese captain.

“They were just defend, defend, defend and playing on the counterattack. It was a lucky night for them. We should have three points but we are OK. I thought they’d won the Euros the way they celebrated at the end.

“It was unbelievable. When they don’t try to play and just defend, defend, defend, this in my opinion shows a small mentality and they are not going to do anything in the competition.”

This defensive performance still saw Iceland land a point and they could argue that their resources don’t allow them to play an expansive game which would have doubtless allowed Ronaldo to run amok.

Hallgrimsson, the joint coach, said: “So many things are happening for the first time for Icelandic football. This was our first time on this stage and it was fantastic, it was just like playing at home because our fans were unbelievable and that made us feel better when we were tired towards the end. It is another milestone for Icelandic football.”

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