Classless Sam Allardyce takes a pop at better football managers

Sam Allardyce claims Arsene Wenger is “arrogant” and a “bad loser” while also tearing into Rafael Benitez

Classless Sam Allardyce takes a pop at better football managers

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October 13th, 2015

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Sam Allardyce is back in the Premier League to manage yet a different club and it’s hard to argue with an excellent track record at various clubs including Bolton Wanderers, Blackburn Rovers and West Ham.

He now hopes to work wonders with Sunderland who are rooted to the foot of the Premier League table after a handful of games, although he clearly spent his down time writing a book currently being serialised by one of the British tabloids.

Naturally, books need to have something to pique the interest of the reader and Allardyce has chosen easy target Arsene Wenger. The Sunderland boss reveals he enjoyed beating Arsenal more than any other team, although his recent track record illustrates that he wasn’t able to get one over the Frenchman on too many occasions.

“I enjoyed beating Arsenal more than anyone when I was in charge at Bolton,” said Allardyce. “We’d really got to them and Arsène Wenger hated us.

“There was one time he wouldn’t shake hands with me at Highbury because we got a draw. I saw him ripping his tie off and throwing it on the floor in anger. He takes it all very personally and has an air of arrogance. He’s not one for inviting you into his office for a drink after the game.

“The more I wound him up, the more I liked it. He tried to influence refs through the media and create a perception that we were bullies committing all the fouls, while his team just wanted to play.

“It seemed he wanted a rule where they should be allowed to do what they wanted with the ball, without us being allowed to tackle them. It was a skill finding their weaknesses and how to exploit them. But when we succeeded the press were usually on about Arsenal having an off-day and the ref being soft.”

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