Chelsea’s winning team talk delivered by Billy the masseur

Jose Mourinho reveals he didn’t speak to his players immediately before the game, with Chelsea recording a 1-0 win at the Etihad Stadium

Chelsea’s winning team talk delivered by Billy the masseur

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February 4th, 2014

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Arsenal remain top of the Premier League after Monday night’s clash between Manchester City and Chelsea, with the visitors deservedly winning the game thanks to a first-half strike from Branislav Ivanovic.

Chelsea were the better team for most of the contest, with Nemanja Matic, Samuel Eto’o and Gary Cahill all hitting the woodwork for the London side, although Jose Mourinho didn’t deliver his usual pre-match team talk. Instead, it was left to Billy McCulloch to deliver a rousing speech.

“I didn’t speak. It was Billy the masseur that spoke to the team. He was screaming so much in Scottish I didn’t understand him. I am serious. But the players were clapping. It was Billy’s team-talk,” Mourinho said.

The Chelsea manager refused to sound too confident when it comes to winning this season’s Premier League title, claiming that his team were still the underdogs compared to Arsenal and Manchester City.

“Two horses and a little horse. A little horse who needs milk and to learn how to jump,” he said.

“I don’t agree (that we can win the title). We lost points at home against West Brom, against West Ham, we lost at Stoke, we lost at Newcastle. We are a team in evolution but this is the kind of performance that helps the team to grow up a lot, tactically, mentally, I think it was fantastic.

“The next pre-season, me and my players will say openly that we are mature, solid from day one and are candidates for the league. This season is about evolution.

“Arsenal are working for many, many years for the evolution of their team. What we are doing this season is what Arsenal have been building to for years. It means nothing for us to come here and park the bus and win 1-0 in a lucky situation. The evolution is more important.”

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