Chelsea’s Eden Hazard won’t face criminal charges

For some, it was a storm in a tea cup. For others, it was an act of violence. The Eden Hazard ball boy incident has split opinion, with the Chelsea midfielder receiving a red card after grappling and kicking out at a Swansea ball boy on Wednesday night.

Chelsea’s Eden Hazard won’t face criminal charges

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January 24th, 2013

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It appears that apologies were exchanged after the final whistle and Hazard will avoid facing criminal charges for his part in Wednesday’s incident, although some will question why the ball boy decided to lie on the ball as Chelsea were chasing the game.

A Swansea spokesman said: “The police have interviewed the boy and his father and there are no charges going to be pressed, as far as they are concerned that is the matter closed.

“The ball boy has been into the Chelsea dressing room after the game and shaken hands with Eden Hazard. The likes of John Terry and Frank Lampard were exemplary in their behaviour in welcoming him into the dressing room.

“Chelsea asked if he could come in and our kit lady took him in and they shook hands, he is fine.

“As far as we are concerned the matter is closed. He has been a ball boy here for six years with no incidents here at the stadium.”

Rafael Benitez stated that Hazard would be dealt with internally but claimed that both parties were in the wrong.

He said: “The ball boy has been in the dressing room talking with Hazard and they have apologised to each other. They know they were wrong, that’s it.

“He was wasting time, Hazard was frustrated, he wanted to get the ball back quickly so they have both made a mistake and we cannot say too much.

“We will deal with this internally. We will analyse and wait to see if there is any action from the FA.

“I do not know what you expect from me,” he said. “Do you think we are not disappointed with the situation, that we do not regret what happened? Do you think they have not apologised? They have done it so what can we do now? Do you want to change things? We cannot.

“The player spoke to the boy and he said sorry because it was a mistake so what else would you expect? We know it was a mistake but we talked with the player and the boy so what do you expect?

“The boy was with us in the dressing room and everybody was clear and we know there was a mistake.

“I think the police will do nothing.”

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