Chelsea told that Wayne Rooney is not leaving Manchester United

Wayne Rooney allegedly handed Sir Alex Ferguson a transfer request a few months ago, although it appears that the forward will remain a Manchester United player for the foreseeable future.

Chelsea told that Wayne Rooney is not leaving Manchester United

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July 12th, 2013

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Rooney’s pre-season has been halted by a hamstring injury which saw him return home to the United Kingdom, with speculation rife that Chelsea might swoop for a player who clearly felt disgruntled at Old Trafford last term.

Jose Mourinho has made it clear he’s an admirer of the player. “It’s a funny, tricky question from an ethical point of view as I can’t talk about players from other teams,” he said. “But it is not my character to speak with hypocrisy, I always tell what I see. He’s a player that I like very much. Being fast and direct I like him very much, but he’s a Manchester United player.”

David Moyes quickly rebuffed the notion that Rooney was going anywhere. “People are entitled to talk about good players. I’m getting asked plenty of questions about Wayne,” he said. “José has been asked about players as well. It’s hard to keep repeating myself but I will – Wayne is a Manchester United player and it will remain that way. I think José said, in his comments, that he doesn’t normally talk about other players. But it does happen.”

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