Chelsea FC players given the silent treatment after Bradford FA Cup shock

Jose Mourinho leaves the players to stew at Stamford Bridge after defeat

Chelsea FC players given the silent treatment after Bradford FA Cup shock

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January 26th, 2015

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It was a Saturday packed with surprise FA Cup results and the most stunning came at Stamford Bridge where Chelsea threw away a two-goal lead to lose to League One Bradford.

The fact that the Premier League leaders were two goals in front with a strong team should have seen them close out the match, although the Bantams scored four times to inexplicably dump the FA Cup favourites out of the competition.

Jose Mourinho was at a loss to explain the defeat after the game, branding the performance from his players as a “disgrace” and leaving them in the dressing room without speaking a word about the performance.

“It was not the moment to speak with them,” he said.

Mourinho said: “I don’t make many changes. I try to keep stability in the team. Maybe now you can understand a bit better why.

“But I don’t want to speak too much about it. This is our squad, I trust them and let’s move on.”

He added: “I trust my squad. And it’s not because of this disappointment and this really bad performance that I’m going to change.

“I’m happy to go (until the end of the season with the same squad).

“This is Chelsea, always thinking and being proud of thinking about numbers and Financial Fair Play and so on.

“We cannot now go to the market and spend money. So I’m completely with the club. I share this idea.

“I don’t think we are going to the market.

“The way they arrived to the 2-0 looked quite comfortable,” he said.

“But the goal they scored minute 40-something brought them into the game. After that there are things difficult to explain. Goals we miss, goals we concede.

“At half-time we spoke about the danger of the situation. We spoke about the way they play.

“We repeated at half-time what we spoke about in the preparation.

“We prepared for the game the same way we prepare for a Premier League game.

“We respected them – or at least I respected them – in the way we prepared the game.

“But probably at half-time the players thought ‘in the second half we’re going to score, not them’. When they scored the (goal to make it) 2-2, after that the game became crazy.”

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