Chelsea FC manager reveals how Blues are going to win title

Antonio Conte believes that “blind faith” from his players has helped Chelsea achieve new heights this season

Chelsea FC manager reveals how Blues are going to win title

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February 8th, 2017

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Chelsea are well on their way to becoming champions of England, with the Blues heading to Burnley on Sunday hoping to keep their rivals at arm’s length.

The football world has been staggered by Chelsea’s runaway success, with the winning run coming after a tepid start to the campaign, with Antonio Conte changing the formation to include three centre-halves after some poor results.

Conte believes that the team’s success is largely down to the fact that the players have bought into his methods and that the “blind faith” being shown has enabled them to enjoy so many victories.

“If you compare this Chelsea with the team from last season [when they finished 10th having won the title in the previous campaign] then it’s normal that you’d end up this way: you can’t turn an ugly duckling into a swan in an instant,” said Conte.

“I’m not a coach who compromises and with my blind faith in the work we’re doing, and in my ideas, I’ve been able to forge straight ahead without worrying about anyone else.

“My experiences as a player taught me that you will win a lot and lose a lot too and that instilled in me a fierce will to win,” he said. “Those who are out in front must not falter. It sends a message to those who are following, an increasingly loud message, that we must make the most of this period.”

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