The Big man or the Funny Man?

We love the Football League play-offs, even if this year’s have been ruined somewhat by the fact that the Championship finalists are known before the League One and Two play-off tomfoolery has even begun. We’re especially going to like this season’s final.

The Big man or the Funny Man?

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May 10th, 2012

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Blackpool and West Ham will contest this season’s Richest Game in the World™ on May 19 and journalists across the land are now hurriedly deciding just who they want to see promoted to the Greatest League in the World™.

On one hand, we have the team managed by ‘Big Sam’ and, if there’s anything that a tabloid journalist loves more than the PIN code to a celebrity’s voicemail, it’s a man who is constantly referred to as ‘Big’.

On the other hand though, you have the team who is managed by a man who says funny things, and tabloid journalists love men who say funny things.

So who to back in the Richest Game in the World™ and the small matter of who will be on the receiving end of regular bottom spankings in the Greatest League in the World™ next season.

In the Claret and Blue corner, we have The Hammers, a side who fell from the Premier League after being saddled with some pretty hefty debts, were bought by two men from the Gentleman’s publications industry and turned into a side capable of finishing third in the Championship.

In the Tangerine corner we have, err, The Tangerines, who became everybody’s second club thanks to their man who says funny things and their plucky pluckiness.

So who to back? Well, the bookies will tell you that West Ham are the favourites (best of 6/5 generally) ahead of Blackpool. Then again, the last time Blackpool were in a play-off final, they were favourites to get relegated, so what do bookies know?

‘Ollie’ however, is calling for another “miracle”, claiming: “I think the lads deserve every bit of credit they’re going to get. I can’t tell you the praise I’ve got for my lads, I think it’s all about them implementing what we’re talking about. They’re just an amazing group,” he said.

“It’s a fantastic day for the club, we’re going to go Wembley again and try and play some decent football. We’re up against a decent side that beat us by 11 points so let’s not forget that. Let’s see if we can make the miracle happen again.”

Here’s to a cracking final and lots of “lol’s” from Mr Holloway!

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