Just what football has been missing

With all the talk about racism and two-footed lunges being punished and not being punished, what English football has really missed lately is a good old fashioned sexism scandal. Well, not any more.

Just what football has been missing

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January 12th, 2012

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With Richard Keys and Andy Gray setting the standard for not holding female referee’s assistants in the highest regard, Ipwich manager Paul Jewell could have some explaining to do after being none too complimentary about lineswoman Amy Fearn in his side’s defeat at Birmingham.

Jewell was slightly peeved that his side was not awarded a penalty for a challenge on Lee Martin by Steven Caldwell.

“To every man, but not a woman [it was a penalty],” he said when a journalist suggested “everyone to a man thought it was a penalty”.

“Although the referee didn’t have a good view, the lineswoman, or whatever she’s called, had a great view.”

He added: “It’s a stonewall penalty and it’s a sending-off but he [referee Robert Lewis] didn’t give it. You better ask him why he didn’t give it, or her why she [Fearn] didn’t give it.”

It’s that sort of talk that could see the under-fire manager in hot water with the football big wigs, especially given that former Luton Town boss Mike Newell found out that criticising Mrs Fearn can be an expensive business. He was find £6,500 in 2006 for saying, “this is not park football, so what are women doing here?” after a 3-2 defeat to QPR.

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