Arsenal v Chelsea Preview

Ahh, the magic of the League Cup: cold, midweek evenings watching players who, according to their managers, are “in need of the experience” rather than just coming out and admitting that they’d sooner not play the fixture at all instead.

Arsenal v Chelsea Preview

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October 29th, 2013

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Despite this writer’s childhood trauma one spring day in 1996, the League Cup does still maintain a degree of value – no matter what some of these managers may tell you. With that in mind, all eyes are firmly on the pick of this week’s Fourth Round fixtures. That’s right – it’s Leicester v Fulham at the Don King Stadium (or whatever it’s called).

Okay, I jest – but to be fair that should actually be a decent match with plenty of potential for a giant-killing – as tonight league leaders Arsenal pit their talents against those of second-placed Chelsea for a place in the quarter-finals.

Although respective injury and suspension will prevent Mathieu Flamini and Mikel Arteta from tonight’s match for the Gunners, it’s hardly likely that either would’ve been used in little more than a cameo role anyway – leaving Wenger free to have them sufficiently rested for their next match; a late kick-off on Saturday at home to Liverpool.

Opposite number Jose Mourinho is also looking to make some changes, although for the Blues’ second game in three days this will be more out of necessity. Their fluke of a winner at Man City won’t be so easy to repeat tonight against a side bursting with confidence at the top of the table.

Then again, s’only the League Cup innit?


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