Canaries to have their say on the title

It hasn’t been a pleasant time this season for Norwich City, with a new manager to replace Chris Hughton and defeat to relegation rivals Fulham within the past week.

Canaries to have their say on the title

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April 14th, 2014

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But as they try to keep themselves in the Premier League – now only two points from safety and having played two games more than bottom side Sunderland – Norwich could yet impact the final destination of this season’s Premier League title.

Norwich will face both Liverpool and Chelsea within the next three of their four remaining league matches, with a trip to Old Trafford in between and a home match against Arsenal on the final day.

It could’ve been a lot more of a juicy run-in if they were playing City rather than United, but new manager Neil Adams would certainly have hoped for a gentler string of games with which to prove his credentials, having lost what was potentially the easiest of all his side’s remaining games.

On Easter Sunday Liverpool will play at Carrow Road, aiming to extend their ten-game winning streak in the league against the Canaries, who have now lost the last three straight. According to stories, the first thing Reds captain Gerrard did at the full-time whistle on Sunday – having dispatched of the threat of Manchester City to leave their destiny firmly in their own hands – was to tell his players to immediately begin to concentrate on the Norwich game. A maximum of twelve points will be enough to bring the league title to Anfield for the first time since 1990; with their top-flight status on the line, will Norwich prove a help or a hindrance?

The same question must be asked of Norwich as regards their second-to-last match of the season as they visit Stamford Bridge on the 4th May. By then the title picture will be even clearer as Chelsea will need Liverpool to slip up in the meantime, but with Norwich’s status possibly in even more jeopardy by then, will the Canaries take this opportunity to affirm themselves and potentially send the title to Anfield on the very same day?

As usual, we’ll have to play a game of wait and see to determine which end of the national divide the Premier League ends up with – but a team from the East (Anglia) could play a big part.

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