B&Q the latest name to back the Football League?

Today there were rumblings that the sponsor to replace Npower for the Football League would be the all-powerful DIY heavyweights B&Q.

B&Q the latest name to back the Football League?

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April 5th, 2013

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The major league DIY firm is the most recent in a long list of hugely influential sponsors that have graced the arms of every player in the Football League.

The league started accepting lucrative sponsorship deals in 1983, the first of the sponsors was the iconic Japanese corporation Canon, best known for their cameras and equipment. They continued to sponsor the league until 1986 when Today newspapers took over.

Today ran from 1986-1995 and cost a measly 18p, it was a middle of the road paper that was created to rival the Daily Mail and Daily Express. They only sponsored the league for 12 months.

The years 1987 to 1993 one of the largest banks in the world Barclays took over the helm of sponsorship and became of the most famous sponsors in its history.

The years ‘93 to ’04 were under the sponsorship for Endsleigh Insurance and then later Nationwide Building Society.   Both of these sponsors were seen to open the flood gates for huge increases in sponsorship fees and were responsible for injecting much needed additional funds into the league.

However no one had quite the presence on the pitch that Coca-Cola did, they sponsored the league from 2004 to 2010 and will always be the most influential in terms of not only sponsorship but also brand support, having such a worldwide brand proving monetary support to the league really propelled them into he world arena.

Then came Npower; who have provided the last 3 years of sponsorship. The energy brand however confirmed they will not be continuing their £21m three-year agreement with the league.

As well as B&Q a leading car manufacturer is also in the running to become the brand on the arm of the 70+ teams currently playing in the League. Only time will tell

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