Beckham “not in top 1,000”, claims Waddle

There is a long tradition of football pundits saying something outlandish and controversial and today, Chris Waddle is keeping up that fine tradition.

Beckham “not in top 1,000”, claims Waddle

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May 17th, 2013

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The former England midfielder, Fast Show punch line and pizza salesman, has lit the blue-touch paper and is running for cover after claiming that the now-retired David Beckham “would not rank in the top 1,000 Premier League players”.

Waddle, famous for spectacular penalty misses, questionable 80s pop music and the most glorious mullet to ever grace a football field, told BBC Radio 5 Live that he didn’t think that the former England captain wasn’t quite up there with the greats of the Premier League, despite a 394 Premier League career that returned six Premier League titles and a European Cup.

“I would say he has been a good player, I wouldn’t put him down as a great,” Waddle, claimed.

“You can go down a list of footballers since the Premier League and I don’t think David Beckham would probably be in the first 1,000,” he added. Of course, the laws of outlandish, controversial and ill-judged media statements clearly state that you don’t have to qualify your claim and as such, Waddle has failed to suggest the 1,000 players who are better than Mr Beckham, which is a shame for us all.

Instead, he then went down the “he’s only good at free-kicks and crossing” route, much like the pub bore will try to tell you down at the local tonight.

“He has got a terrific image and used it very well,” he added. “He never had a trick, wasn’t particularly quick, but he was very good at set-pieces and deliveries, he made chances and made goals and was fantastic for clubs.

“He said the right things, he sold shirts, he put money in the tills wherever he went and conducted himself well.

“I would not say he was a great. He was very good at his job, he worked very hard as a professional footballer.”

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