Bale and Rooney display professionalism and punctuality

Without the teams of the Premier League having even kicked a ball of the 2013-14 season, players’ thoughts are already yanked back to a round of international fixtures which could prove detrimental to player/club preparation.

Bale and Rooney display professionalism and punctuality

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August 12th, 2013

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And it’s with this in mind that we congratulate Welsh international Gareth Bale, who followed through on his call-up to the national side by ‘turning up’ for them, if you were to believe what you read in the papers.

Bale showed his commensurate professionalism to his nationality by linking up with the side despite a foot injury which likely will rule him out of Wednesday’s friendly against the Republic of Ireland.

All this as the speculation continues to mount on his future as a Spurs player, a fire on top of which the fuel has liberally been applied after reports that he has asked to speak to transfer targets Real Madrid on a switch which would break worldwide records.

But despite an aching foot and a hefty price tag weighing him down, it’s very liberating for a fan to read the news congratulating him on a job well done for turning up somewhere that he had previously already agreed to – rather than taking it as the hideously patronising remark that some cynical football fans would have you believe.

This comes as news to England fans, who were perhaps expecting Wayne Rooney to arrive for England training like Clark Kent without a phone booth in sight.

Speaking on the Man United striker’s club problems which may otherwise have kept him from appearing for the national side, England boss Roy Hodgson has also joined the ‘job well done’ brigade in applauding Rooney’s ability to “compartmentalise club and country”, as if he would otherwise be physically unable to also turn up for a pre-booked appointment such as Scotland at Wembley on Wednesday.

“If there were any problems with England, they cannot take them back to their clubs. It is two separate identities,” theorised Hodgson.

Although on the wages the likes of Bale and Rooney are making, perhaps a Bruce Wayne/Batman metaphor would have better suited.

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