Ashley Young ‘conned referee’ according to Roy Keane and Ray Wilkins

Manchester United drew 0-0 away at Real Sociedad on Tuesday night although the main talking point was the penalty awarded to the visitors in the 70th minute.

Ashley Young ‘conned referee’ according to Roy Keane and Ray Wilkins

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November 6th, 2013

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There appeared to be minimal contact when Ashley Young tumbled in the area, with Markel Bergara in close proximity to the winger, although the referee pointed to the spot before Robin van Persie subsequently missed the spot kick.

While Roy Keane and Ray Wilkins both lambasted Young for yet more theatrics in the penalty area, David Moyes refused to condemn his player despite having spoken to Young earlier in the season following a dive against Crystal Palace.

“I have seen it again,” the United manager said. “The boy tugs him in the box. The referee is two yards away from it and decides to give it. He’s got a penalty kick for a decision tonight. I don’t know about his reputation but the referee is there and he gave it. The referee made decisions all night. He’s the one who saw fit to award a penalty and send a player off. I thought the referee made the decision and that was the referee’s choice.”

However, Keane pulled no punches and claimed that Young  had conned the referee. “He’s obviously played for it,” he told ITV. “If you are a Man United player and you see a player getting tugged back, you want him to go down. Ashley Young’s obviously gone down too much over the last few months. He’s been heavily criticised in England but we are in a foreign country and it’s more accepted. But he’s almost conned the referee there. If he scores the penalty, as a United player you would be delighted, but he’s conned the referee there.”

Ray Wilkins was also critical of Young’s behaviour and felt it was no better than a dangerous tackle. He said on Sky Sports: “This [dive] is pathetic. This is as bad for me as all these over-the-top tackles we’re getting at the moment because that is a conning of the referee. I just wish Ashley would cut this out because he’s a good player but he’s getting a bad name.”

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