Arsenal manager claims the football club is in fantastic shape

For the second season running, Arsene Wenger is being criticised by Arsenal supporters who want their team to challenge at the top of the Premier League table, although Saturday’s 2-0 reverse against Swansea City leaves the Gunners in ninth place.

Arsenal manager claims the football club is in fantastic shape

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December 4th, 2012

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Wenger has left his best players at home for tonight’s match in Greece, with Saturday’s home game against West Brom taking on a lot of importance and the Frenchman claimed on Monday that it has become fashionable to rail against Arsenal.

“I can take a distance with things when it goes well and when it goes less well,” Wenger said. “I don’t believe I am the king of the world when it goes very well nor that I am the worst manager in the world when it doesn’t go well.”

He added: “What has changed a bit is that the world has become more emotional about every single thing, but that’s not the real world. The real world is to take things in the right way and care about what we do.

“I really care about what I do and about this club but, as well, not go overboard. We lost a game on Saturday. No matter what happens, Arsenal will lose games again, and Arsenal will win games again.

“We have to play well and keep facing the game the way we want to play football and in the values we want to defend. We have always done that. We live in a world that needs a drama every day. You have to enjoy to play football and not to live in a dramatic world in a consistent way.

“This club is in fantastic shape. We have a good team, we have a strong structure that we have built over the years; we are in a strong financial situation and we are mentally strong. I can understand that not everybody is pleased about that, but it is a fact. That’s why we have to continue to behave like we do.”

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