Arsenal goalkeeper critical of Arsene Wenger

Petr Cech claims that Wenger was preoccupied with style of play rather than winning football matches

Arsenal goalkeeper critical of Arsene Wenger

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September 25th, 2018

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Petr Cech was deservedly given the man of the match award on Sunday after an excellent performance against Everton, with the goalkeeper showing that he remains on top of his game despite his advancing years.

Cech was signed from Chelsea by Arsene Wenger, although is now operating under Unai Emery and claims that the squad are training a lot harder under the latter.

He also illustrated that Wenger was less focused about winning than he would have liked and felt as though there was too much emphasis on the performance.

“What we lacked in the past – I would say the ‘Arsenal way’ was more important than getting the points sometimes, and this is not how you win the league,” said Cech. “Sometimes you need to make sure you win an ugly game, when you are not playing completely well but you just dig deep, close the back door and win 1-0 no matter how.

“I think this is what we lacked over the last three years, since I arrived [in 2015]. Against Everton, we went through difficult moments in the game but we managed to get the win and with the clean sheet, so this is very positive.

“It comes from the preparation, the everyday work and from the manager’s way of playing the game as well,” Cech said. “We work very hard every day to give ourselves the chance to compete with everybody and hopefully it will be working even better than it has been for the last four games.

“He is very demanding and this is how you improve. I think the place has become much more demanding in every way so this is great to see because this is what initially drives everybody forward and gives you the kind of kick that ‘I’m not doing enough to start the game’, or ‘I’m not doing enough to keep my spot in the game’, because the manager asked for precision and hard work every day. This is how it should be. We have very healthy competition and we are actually taking the benefit of it.”

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