Arsenal face tough Champions League draw after Napoli defeat

The Gunners will face Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG or Atletico Madrid after losing 2-0 to Napoli on Wednesday night, with Arsene Wenger admitting the situation is far from ideal.

Arsenal face tough Champions League draw after Napoli defeat

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December 12th, 2013

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Arsenal needed to avoid a three-goal defeat in Naples to book their place in the last sixteen, something they successfully managed to achieve, although the defeat allowed Borussia Dortmund to claim top spot in the group, while Mikel Arteta was sent off in the second half.

It means a tough Champions League draw if the Gunners are to reach the last eight of the competition, with Wenger admitting to ‘regret’ about how things have turned out, while the red card for Arteta made him fear that Arsenal could have lost the game by three goals.

“Of course, to finish second makes the potential draw more difficult,” Wenger said. “Maybe this year we will be a bit luckier [although] if you look at the teams, you know we will have a difficult draw.

“On the other hand, we have qualified for the 14th consecutive year for the last 16. Maybe number 14 will give us a bit of luck. There is regret. That is the frustration because you feel it was open for us to do better. But it could have been worse tonight as well.

“When we were down to ten men and 1-0 down, then doubt crept in a little bit,” said Wenger. “It was a difficult moment. “We concentrated, but we were a bit in between – ‘Do we attack or do we defend?’ It is always difficult to cope with that problem. In the second-half, our legs went a bit and Napoli were sharper.”

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